Saturday, March 15, 2008

Life in counter-strike.....

Life in CS

With the popularity of online gaming comes a whole new way of life where real life becomes an online game while the online game becomes real life (in an online game). Each of us gets to be who we want to be in life (you can change your username easily).

gAteKeePeR the LEGEND!!!

Every now and then in life, there comes a legend, who is more of a legend than most legends out there. We were privileged to be in the midst of just such a legend, except you wouldn't think he was a legend if you saw him in 3D, but as soon as he transformed himself into his 2D form, it was clear that he was a big legend.... presenting the legendest legend there is...THE gAteKeePeR!

Little do people know, that the true gatekeeper is not the current one. It so happened that once, when our current gAteKeePeR was injured, one of his friends began playing counter-strike from his computer and (being an inexperienced player) decided to add some spice to his life by standing in front of gates and pleading the terrorists and counter-terrorists to get along.. PEACE! In a world where killing is literally the name of the game, he was the only one who proposed friendship and love. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in a recent online ceremony at 'de_inferno'. He won 1 million dollars to buy as many guns and frags he wants.

This awoke the gatekeeper in our gAteKeePeR! He realised that offline life eej hard, so he went online. He carefully studied each and every map and every move possible with up, down, left and right keys and sometimes space bar. Soon he became a Master of CS and gatekeeping became a term of Respect, Pride and Honour, for it was at the gates that battles were won and lost, and martyrs were born (as they died) at the threshold of the gates (till they respawned).

Every evening after performing his mundane duties (such as going to class, eating food, breathing and sometimes bathing) the gAteKeePeR sits down and prays to such great gods as Kidney and J@l to give him the strength to be the legend he already is and asks for forgiveness for all the lives he is about to kill. He then joins a server and is immediately hounded by messages, "y0!! gate aa gaya!! yippeee", " ab humein koi nahi maar sakta". With the burden of the lives of 15 teammates on his shoulder, he begins to massacre opponents with just the movement of his fingers, and occassionally his mouth (when he has a microphone).

Never once has the 'GATE' ever left the battle, in sickness or in health (1 or 100). Such was the respect he garnered, that once when he was away and the 'true' gatekeeper used his nick, he was flooded with chats like "kya hua gate??", "sab theek hai na?", "ambulance bhejein kya???". g@teKeePeR's birthdays are the most awaited and lavish events in online gaming. Guns and ammo worth over 1 thousand billion dollars are bought. On one such occasion, the ammo shot into the air was so much that it ended up burning the LAN wire in GATE's room, thus influencing Techfest (sadly) to have Pyromania. In 2007, on his birthday, the opposing team members did not buy guns for the first game and stood in a straight line, while the team members fired shots in the air and jumped up and down with synchronised use of space bar and up down buttons. GATE then proceeded to win the first game by killing the opposition with head shots and his team mates gifted him an awp (sniper gun) in the next round. Further, in the midst of intense battles he was spared his life for the first 4 games.

The g@TeKeePeR's rise to fame has not been an easy one... many friends became enemies and many enemies switched to Dota. How can we forget the greatest betrayal since the annals of time? In the quest for the perfect clan for the greatest competition in the history of online gaming (gaming zone, techfest '08 :O ) the great Jal stabbed g@teKeePeR in his kevlar when he kicked him out of his clan. This almost broke his heart, mind and left-click but he still had some fire left in his hole. As luck would have it, a bunch of Fr3@kS with the shortage of a player offered him a chance to pursue his dreams... particpating in the greatest competition in the history of online gaming (still gaming zone, techfest '08, :O :O). But they lost, as expected. Nonetheless, this fueled his fire and he has made a promise to himself that one day he will win at Techfest 20XX, till then he will not oblige IIT with his convocation. The resulting extension will also enable him entry into Jal's clan.

GATE is a great warrior. He has never used cheats. He has always put his teammates' life before his and he has never had a second thought before pressing the left click. He shall always be remembered as the only one who, in the darkest of times and wierdest of maps, stood strong as the sole gladiator who feasted on enemy blood by killing them only to find out that they get respawned. GO GO GO GATE!!!


Kag said...

Amazing read.
Good old memories :)

Divyang said...

uhh... who's gate?