Friday, March 7, 2008

The TOP TEN reasons to start a "start up" in IIT Bombay

10. You've had enough of shutting things down, now you want to 'Start-Up'

9. You couldn't become Ecell manager

8. You get to stay in IIT (in SINE) for 2 years after passing out, or till your start-up shuts down, whichever comes first

7. 'Start-Up' counts as work experience, right?

6. First month salary goes into making 50 visiting cards, and nothing else

5. So you can compare yourself with Ambani and Bill Gates for atleast a year

4. So you can tell everyone you rejected 8 lakh p.a. jobs for your dream (8000 p.m.) job

3. Being an IITian you already know how to copy an idea and make it seem like your own original 'Start-Up' plan

2. Apparently companies don't recruit losers on campus

1. So you can pretend to have a job

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