Thursday, March 6, 2008

The TOP TEN Reasons to join the No T-Shirt club

10. Coz you're not eligible for speakers' club

9. Coz you have nothing better to do than read other people's blogs

8. Adult content is allowed

7. We are funnier than Tech junta .....

6. You have to suck up to us slightly lesser than to CGs but much more than Managers (tf not ecell)

5. Club meetings on yahoo disguised as gays

4. We are AIDS-free

3. We charge 20 Rs less per tshirt (conditions apply)

2. The white colour suits all our black skins

1. The Tshirts shine under UV light


nitishj said...

i guess u missd out on most imp. reason, it's the only club capable of having God Tshirt..

life is wonderful said...

i second tht !

Akhil said...

do we get non-sister girls if we sell more than 3 tshirts???

Shreyans said...

u hv used insync and staccato in the same sentence and they are two continuos words...