Friday, September 26, 2008

Course Selection criteria for passing out students..

  1. Slots (not 8.30-10.30, not 2-5, not 5-8)
  2. Prof (peaceful grader, no attendance, no projects or assignments, no quizzes, no midsem and no endsem)
  3. No. of 9 ptrs registered (none)
  4. No. of matkas registered (class strength minus 1)
  5. No. of DDs registered (since they still have enthu to fight) (only below 6 cpi)
  6. No. of non males (maximum - source of notes)
  7. No. of females (maximum - source of daydreams)
  8. If endsem, slot 9 onwards shudnt be taken, as you'll have the exam after everyone else has finished theirs
  9. Last Priority - course name and content

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