Friday, September 26, 2008

Top TEN reasons to be a student mentor

10) You get special Visiting cards

9) you now have 9 new and only 'friends' who eat what u tell them to, shit when u tell them to and 'of course' never have sex with each other

8) you get extensive coverage in international media like insight, awaaz and freshie welcome brochure

7) You have absolute power to drive any of your children to suicide just for the heck of it

6) 6 votes guaranteed in the election for the next technic chairman

5) because getting motors from lamington road for you is a 'very important' lesson to 'cope up with the stress' in IIT

4) so that you can train people to lead an 'amazing, eventful, victorious, adventerous, crackmax and godgiri' life just like yours

3) obviously its not about the resume point right?

2) since you cannot have any kids of your own

1) so that you can know how michael jackson felt

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