Friday, September 26, 2008

The TOP ten reasons to join Save Electricity

Top TEN reasons to save electricity:

10. So you can claim to be environmentally conscious

9. To prevent IIT from launching 'Power Ban', next step to Lan Ban, to
force people to go to classes at 8.30 in the morning (even if you dont
have a class)

8. That as usual, like in other GCs H3 can have the least (bill)

7. So you don't have to hear a cheap rip off Mastercard type
advertisement, "Tubelight - 60 W, Bulb - 60 W, Fan - 70 W, Comp - 110
W, Switching them off when not in use - Priceless!"

6. So that fans can be used for other more useful purposes

5. So we dont have to tell Thapa to come to room every day to twist
the tubelight

4. So Rathi gets selected for another term

3. Thanks rahega yaar, treat assured

2. So the money thus saved can be used to get a good pool table

1. So that the electricity thus saved can be used to light up your
poor home towns

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