Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Misfit Manifestos...

The title is self explanatory we suppose.... but yea, few of them are somewhat funny....

Wildlife secy

1. Will try to improve market conditions, and make them bullish
2. Will ensure healthy cat fights in all inter-hostel events
3. Will try to maintain constant supply of bitches using internal and external resources.
4. Will promote PC hibernation as a means of saving energy.
5. Will ensure transparency in fishy situations in hostel.

Insti Placement Nominee

1. Ensure increased placement of tum tum stops
2. Carry out groundwork and other jobs for football fields.
3. Will spread awareness about PowerPoint 2007 for better PPTs
4. Will resume verification of mess bill from October.
5. Will reward every IITian who brings “his” company with a good package.

Insti Mountaineering Secy

1. Will conduct regular mounting workshops for IIT guys, to help them scale any visible mountain.
2. Will ensure monthly movie shows (Star Trek, Brokeback Mountain)
3. Will hold valley crossing workshops for big and small mountains.
4. Will try to provide plastic and rubber mountains for practice
5. Will provide people with various advanced mountaineering equipment like handcuffs, whips, etc for adventure sports

Web & Alumni secy

1. Will ensure regular cleaning of webs in all rooms
2. Will develop a site in the hostel for site-seeing
3. Will replace all wooden doors by aluminium doors
4. Will raise funds by selling alumni ores from the hostel
5. Will ensure good Vodafone network at all places in hostel

Generaal Secy of Hostel Affairs

1. Will have a fair with all hostels
2. Will call people from outside to increase the number of affairs in hostel
3. Will charge a fare for all affairs
4. Will increase fairness by promoting fair and lovely things
5. Will promote bleaching powder to ensure uniform fairness

Mess secy

1. Will try to clean up the mess in all hostel rooms
2. Will encourage messy sports like tomato fest, mudfight, etc etc
3. Will put up posters of lionel messi everywhere
4. Will use left over chicken as mess-engers to send IM to all
5. Will try to mess around with all chicks entering hoste

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