Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top TEN reasons to join INSIGHT/AWAAZ

10. Translate articles from one to the other to fill up 'newspaper'

9. Rather than focussing on writing articles, put videos on Lan
dreaming of being the next India TV

8. Ask 3 other Awaaz/Insight people their opinion and put it down as
an extensive survey

7. Take very interesting humourous topics and make them into interesting topics

6. Run a Tehelka-esque expose' into the dirty scandalous race for the
coveted H-7 soc secy post

5. Free membership into Speakers' club (sorry Awaaz)

4. Har shabd (word) angrezi (english) mein to likha (written) hota hai
(is) hi (only), isliye (hence) hindi (hindi) jaan-ne (knowing) ki (of)
zaroorat nahi (no) hai (is)

3. Having extra papers in room is always useful for certain purposes

2. If not a writer you can be the next most important thing, distributor

1. You get to represent the same 3 data points in bar graphs,
histograms, pie charts and tables for the cover page article, thus
boosting your DI skills for cracking CAT

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