Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top TEN reasons to join Staccato

10. As if your family isn't small enough, join the smallest family in IIT

9. You get to perform in the darkness in a field somewhere, where
people can't see your ugly face (or hear your disgusting voice)

8. If you sell 3 t-shirts, godgiri ho jaaegi

7. Your music is always appreciated (by your bandmates)

6. Make fun of In Sync and cry yourself to sleep every night because
of low membership and lack of girls

5. Schedule performances during mess time so people in mess can be
claimed to be audience

4. Each puch is 'JAZZ'

3. You're among the 99.99 percentile of IIT population who gives a
damn about Staccato

2. If you remain a member for more than one sem, you become Convenor

1. You get to make lots and lots of brothers (and you end up sleeping
with most of them, one way or the other)

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