Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top TEN reasons to join TELCA

10) To overcome stage fright by singing benny lava and trying to imitate the supporting dancers

9) Awesome camprint movie shows in LT with a packed audience which cannot be counted due to bad light

8) Good traditional food which floats in krishnaRA oilRA, with accompanied slurps and burps of all members

7) The average age of all student club members is 56

6) Get to attend theatrics workshops by rhajhinhikhanthh, Chirhanjheevhi, ehtch

5) If your name has less than 48 characters, then you get a new nickname

4) Shakeela, preeyamvadha, rajhinigandha.........

3) for we are (in) IITB – incredibly intolerable total bafoons

2) telghu ma languaghe ra

1) yenna RA, jaiin ra, rascala.....

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