Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top TEN reasons to join INSYNC

10. As if your family wasn't big enough, join the biggest family in IIT Bombay

9. You get to dance in UV light where people can't see your ugly face

8. If you sell 3 t-shirts you get a ballroom dance partner (who might
be your roommate)

7. Costume handler counts as a separate official insti level post

6. Even when you're in In Sync, you're not in sync

5. 13 choreos in one paf is 'the usual'

4. Each puch is an 'interpretive dance' which can be understood only
by 'professionals'

3. You can have AIDS over and over again for 2 nights every year

2. Instead of donating to charity, you can use your old clothes for
publicity for the noble cause of AIDS awareness

1. You get to make lots and lots of sisters, from outside as well

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