Wednesday, October 29, 2008

top TEN reasons to join INFOSYS

10) You are ONE in a MILLION afterall

9) Your FAT PAY PACKAGE will ensure a grand wedding of your sister in zhopda community hall

8) Your dowry will be 1 Lac, 100 times your salary

7) So that you can make it to the top B schools like Bhiwandi institute of management, Bhayendar school of business

6) You get to go to exotic locations like 80 kms east of pune, 100 kms north of Bangalore, 30 kms west of cochin

5) You get special loans to be admitted into TIME, IMS,etc etc

4) Your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom are your regular working places

3) Job benefits include free transport in ST bus from your costly mansion in outer thane with 1 bedroom, 1 hall, 1 kitchen and a sum total of 1 room

2) Because symby se infy log infy jaake delta kamate hain

1) So that you can boast in front of your successful friends in TCS, wipro, lehman brothers, etc

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