Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top TEN reasons to join Techfest

10. Finally a time when outsiders think IITians are cool, but then
again, they think robots are hunks

9. Put up A4 sheets everywhere, print thousands of glossy paper
newsletters, burst over Rs. 10 lakhs worth of firecrackers, and tell
people to 'save' the environment

8. Start your entry at 6.30 and realise that the show is only 15
minutes long, so keep people waiting till 9.30 and fill in the time by
playing rock songs which turn out to be better than the show itself

7. Publicise lectures by world famous scientists and later play
pre-recorded avi clip of lecture given to NIT Suratkal

6. When people realise the pro-show sucks, make firangis dance to
Vande Mataram by A.R. Rahman so people atleast stop booing

5. Hire 'professionals' from mood indigo as security consultants to
control massive pune crowds with dangerous weapons such as robots and

4. So you can find the love of your life over a box of stepper motors

3. Being the biggest technical fest in Asia doesn't stop you from
having the biggest number of technical difficulties in the world.

2. So you know that you're not cool

1. So next year you can have Laser Abhijit Sawant

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