Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top TEN reasons to join Mood Indigo

10. To get a job in Deutsche Bank, ITC, BCG....

9. So you can start making money before hitting puberty

8. Its a good excuse to get FFs and FRs

7. It helps if you're thinking of becoming the CM of Maharashtra

6. Logo is a good substitute for your pic on orkut.. for the rest of your life

5. So the babes at mood indigo know you're an IITian (coz of the
badge) and stay away

4. You get to frisk all the hot guys you want

3. You get to hit on the supermodel CG chicks

2. Your budget is only slightly less than Techfest, inspite of
Techfest being 20 years younger

1. So you can think that you're cool

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